People will tell you that the best time to sell your house is in Spring or Summer.

But the reality is that houses sell all year round. So the best time to sell your house is when you are ready!

Everyone has different needs from a house, even those that are living on the same street or in the same neighbourhood. Your situation dictates the kind of house you buy - a young couple may look for a starter home, but a family might be looking to move to their forever home, or if you are retired you may want to downsize.

It goes without saying that everyone sells their house for a different reason too. Here is how you will know if you are ready to sell your house - you feel like you have outgrown it, your current home is not in the right location, or you don’t think it is worth investing money to renovate it.

Let’s look into these points in more detail now.


It’s Too Small

Time passes quickly. One day you are planning your wedding and starting your family, then suddenly you turn around and realise that you have five people packed into a teeny unit you bought as a couple 10 years ago.

Over time, your needs change and you will want more space to accommodate the kids, extended family, or in-laws. When you outgrow the space you are in, then it is time to upgrade your home. Trying to live in cramped living quarters will only create stress!


It’s In The Wrong Area

Area can be a very important consideration when it comes to your home. Whether you want to be in a good school zone, close to work, or close to family, location is key. If your home is in the wrong area for where you want to live, then the obvious choice is to sell and move to a more desirable area.

Be very careful when you are thinking of the area you want to move to. It might look great on paper, but take some time to explore what it is like at different times of the day. Consider the distance to your local schools (and if they are the ones you want your kids to attend), what the traffic is like, and how long it is going to take you to get to work. All of these things can impact on your life, so you want to get them right!


It’s Not Worth Investing In

Sometimes it can be a great idea to look into renovating your home if you love where you live, but the house doesn’t quite suit your needs.

In some cases you can extend your property for more space, make the layout more liveable, and increase the value of your home at the same time. However, on the flip side, sometimes it is not worth investing funds into your current home. You may not get them out again when you do choose to sell.

The best thing to do in this situation is to get some expert advice. Get in touch with me and I can give you an honest opinion on whether you will be over capitalising with renovations. Or, I can also advise if you should invest in renovating to increase the value of your home and maybe sell in a few years time.


An Important Consideration

I have noticed a bit of a trend in the people I have been speaking to lately. Many are deciding it is the right time to sell their homes, so they call a realtor.

But when I get there, I am hearing the same line again and again ‘We don’t want to put our house on the market until we find the home we want to move to’.

This is a huge mistake! Let me tell you why.

Imagine you are out Open Homing and you find your dream house. It is perfect. It has all your must-haves AND your nice-to-haves, plus even more. You put in an offer on the home, but you have to make it conditional of selling your current home. Suddenly, a cash buyer sweeps in with their offer.

Who do you think the seller is going to choose? The offer with a question mark hanging over it, or the offer that is guaranteed to give them the price they want for their house then and there?

You then have to watch your dream house slip through your fingers. The better option is to put your current home on the market as soon as you decide to sell. That way, if you sell first, you will be in a position to grab the perfect home when you see it.

Don’t worry that you will be stuck without a place to live by using this method. There are ways around it, and I can help you with them. You could arrange for a long settlement date on the sale of your current house to give you more time, arrange for bridging finance, or even to move into a short term rental until you find the ideal house.


So, is it time to sell your home? Then get in touch with me today for an obligation free appraisal.