Summer is so much more than warm weather.

It is fun, it is food and it is family. Some of the best times are had in summer and some of the best memories are made. That is why you want to make the most of the long days, great weather and opportunities to get outdoors.

Every year when you feel the hint of warm weather do you say to yourself, ‘I am going to make this the best summer ever’? Have you truly achieved that though? To help you plan for the best summer yet, we have put together our top planning tips.

How to plan THE best summer EVER

Make a Bucket List

Don’t miss out any of the adventures your family want to do this summer. Grab a pen, sit down together and brainstorm ideas for all of the things that you want to do. This could be places you want to go, things you want to see, things you want to achieve at home, or people you want to visit.

Then when you have all of your ideas, go through and make a list of all the realistic ones that are achievable. Because when kids are involved, you can be sure there will be some suggestions of going to the moon, or travelling to the bottom of the ocean!

When you have your list, you can start planning when you are going to do each of the activities.

Have a Summer Routine

As much as they hate to admit it, kids like routine. They know where they stand and what is expected of them with a routine. So create a summer one.

It doesn’t to be adhered to with military precision, but set some rules around your expectations on things like screen time and getting chores done.

The beauty of summer is that if you want to, you can blow the routine off for a day or two to spend the day in your PJs, or staying up late to see the stars.


Even though you have your plan of activities in place, have some surprises up your sleeve as well. Summer is pretty magical as a kid - the days are long, the sun is out and there is no school! So a surprise day out to the beach, a special one-on-one day with Mum or Dad, or a treat at the ice cream shop will make long-lasting memories.

Plan to Not Plan

Try not to fall into the trap of scheduling out your entire summer break. Make sure you leave some days free to chill out and have some relaxing time. Have at least one day per week where you have nothing planned so you can ride bikes outside, make pancakes for breakfast and read books in the sunshine.

Make the most of the freedom of not having to be anywhere and see where the day takes you.

Make A ‘Bored’ Jar

No parent likes to hear those two little words that are always said with a hint (or a lot) of whining involved… ‘I’m booooored’.

Solve the problem by putting together a DIY jar of activities that your kids can select at random if they feel a dreaded attack of boredom coming on. Grab a cup or jar, a marker and some popsicle sticks. Write one idea for an activity on each popsicle stick and put them in the jar. Place the jar in an accessible place and tell your kids to grab out a stick if they can’t think of anything to do.

Here are some ideas for activities, just pick the ones that are age-appropriate for your family, or come up with your own…

  • Build an indoor or outdoor fort
  • Throw water balloons/sponges at each other outside
  • Draw a chalk hopscotch/handball court on the driveway
  • Write/perform your own version of a favourite story
  • Have a scavenger hunt
  • Make an obstacle course, both inside or outside

Hopefully, these ideas will inspire you to have the best family summer yet. Remember to take lots of photos, have lots of smiles and not to sweat the small stuff!