Great leaders do not work alone. In fact, the best leaders work seamlessly with their team to realise their business vision. The team play a critical role in making this happen. Building and nurturing your team is what helps you achieve the lofty heights of success.

When you have the backing of a great team, you can establish clear goals and work together to achieve your leadership vision. So how do you align your team to work towards clear goals that facilitate the desired results?

You set the right kind of goals. You can do that by asking these questions when going through the goal-setting process.


The Questions To Ask When Setting Team Goals…

Are the goals SMART?

It can be easy to set goals that are too general to complete. So make sure your goals follow the SMART acronym…

Specific - are targeted and not too general
Measurable - you are able to track your progress
Attainable - they are realistic and practical for your team to achieve
Relevant - they are aligned with your company’s values and industry standards
Time-Bound - they have a deadline for when they need to be completed by

When is the right time for this goal?

Start on your goals as soon as practically possible. Work them into your calendar so that you are constantly making progress, even if the steps are only small during your busy periods.

Are the goals written down?

Committing your goals to paper makes them more real. You can also hold yourself and your team accountable by displaying the written goals in a prominent place for a constant reminder.

Does everyone know the objectives?

It is great to set a goal, but it is important to let your team know what the desired outcome is. Being able to visualise the end result makes it easier to stay motivated. Make sure everyone is on the same page for what the final outcome should be.

Does it all align?

Aligning your personal, team and business goals will greatly increase your chance of success. If everyone is working towards the same objectives then you will be able to motivate each other and stay on track collectively.

Is it scary?

A good goal should be a little bit scary. When you are pushed out of your comfort zone, you tend to strive harder for success. This can often lead to a higher performance.

Does everyone know the next step?

Once you have your goals, it is time to divide them up into smaller manageable task lists. Break them down into quarterly, monthly and weekly tasks to ensure constant progress. Regularly check in to see that everyone is still on track and knows what their next action should be.

When setting goals a leader’s first responsibility is to ensure the whole team understands what you are working towards and how you can achieve the desired end result. Then, lead by example. Be involved in the ‘doing’ - constantly drive your team forward to success.