Is it just a dream? Surely you can’t clean up your office in just 10 minutes? Oh, but you can if you know what you are doing. Here are 10 quick tasks that can make a real difference to how clean your office is. Try to limit yourself to just a minute per task…

1: Paper

Your desk is probably littered with notes, lists, filing, other people’s paper and folders galore. Be ruthless and go through it all. Recycle the piece you don’t need, file the things you do, return anything that isn’t yours and be organised with the rest. Even better, try to adopt an online note taking system that means you use less paper.

2: Pens

How many pens are on your desk right now? And how many do you actually use? We are picking you have a favourite that you use all the time. Throw out all the ones that don’t work and return the others to the stationery cupboard. Just keep a spare in your drawer for writing emergencies.

3: Paperclips

These are bought in bulk because it is cheaper that way, but who still uses paper clips? If they are out of control in your desk, grab a big handful and share them amongst your colleagues, or return them to their box in the stationery cupboard.

4: Dust

It doesn’t take long for dust to settle on surfaces in an office. The door is constantly opening and closing the air conditioning is spreading articles around. Grab a cloth and wipe all the surfaces of your workstation.

5: Extra Clothing

If you have a habit of leaving your cardigan at work, or forgetting to take your gym bag home, then now is the time to go and put it in your car. No one needs half your wardrobe laying around the office.

6: Too Many Trinkets

It is nice to proudly display the trinkets and card you have received from colleagues and clients. That is until your desk starts to resemble a junk shop. Pick your favourites and archive the rest in the bin, or take them home.

7: Your Equipment

You probably couldn’t do your job properly without your computer or printer. Os, make sure you take care of them. Regularly clean them and check that they are functioning well.

8: Disinfect

Office workstations are some of the most germ-ridden places in the world. So unless you want to be spreading germs, clean everything with disinfectant.

9: Be Stationery Selective

Only have the stationery items that you use on your desk and in your drawer. You probably don’t need 3 staplers, or a laminator if you don’t print anything!

10: Food

Food is the biggest culprit in making desk mess. Try not to eat at your desk. Eat in the lunchroom, or go out for lunch instead. If you do have to eat at your desk, then clean up immediately after your meal. Throw away any expired food products and take dirty plates and cups to the kitchen to be washed.