When most every home in Australia had been connected to electricity and owned a valve radio, the older generation could be heard tut-tutting. “You know it will be the end of the family conversation, parlour games and sing-songs around the piano, mark my words.”

Eighty years later, how much more alarmed would they be to see us working online, mysteriously communicating with people all around the world by some invisible force?

Working, communicating and trading globally (and safely) takes a whole new set of skills. Unless you attempt to turn back time and grow a full beard and put your hair in a bun.. (oh wait, the men do that now…) then you’ve really got to get with the programme and upskill to using social media, online forums, podcasts and yes even educating yourself about Bitcoin.

Short of a solar flare or World War Three and the world’s electrical power supplies being blotted out overnight; the Internet and social media are here to stay.

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) takes over mundane and repetitive tasks,  people are exiting factories and finding a new way of earning a living. Millions of people are working from home now in their virtual office, saving their employers money and office space, while those set free of the big corporations are busy trading/working online via the internet.  They are keen to connect and sell their wares and services to a global community via the internet.

Effective Social Media Marketing can help scale businesses regardless of size.It does require marketing to your right audience. It requires a business owner or entrepreneur to dedicate time to learn how social media works.

While the fundamentals of social media are similar regardless of your intentions, different businesses will have to alter their strategies to capture the attention of their target audience.

A Google search on “How to use social media” for example will help provide focus on your specific goals and objectives. Social media communicates with potential clients and provides them with valuable information. A business can discover supporters of their brand to hopefully convert into sales.Posting consistently on social media enables you to engage with your audience, hoping they will repost your internet posts through other sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Instantly a global audience has been reached.

Progress has been exponential in IT. It’s been barely 200 years from the first Heidelberg “high-speed” printing press to the first floppy-disc computers. Now information is entered and processed immediately through voice recognition software on a device held in the palm of your hand…

A measure of the speed of change is in the uptake and usefulness of the mobile phone. Every key- entry function was once the domain of a desktop computer with a massive hard drive and a very chunky desk-dominating monitor that took up half an office desk. Now we use a thin, flat detachable screen to type directly onto or handwrite on with a stylus.

For some, buying their first cell phone was the first introduction to a mini computer. Now everyone is at least a little computer literate. With a modern Smartphone or a laptop the size of a small breakfast cereal box weighing less than 1.5 kg, you’re connected to the world.

A stylish wristwatch has become a mini cell phone, your health, sleep and exercise are monitored by a Fitbit wristband and the science of biometrics introduces facial and body recognition software for security,  identifying you anywhere you go.

Global security has become a major issue. Dubai airport, for example, serves 90 airlines operating more than 7,700 weekly flights to more than 240 destinations across six continents and saw 89 million passengers in 2017. Passengers walk through a tunnel formed of LED screens showing colourful tropical fish swimming. By the time passengers reach the end of the tunnel, their biometrics or individual physical features have been matched to their passport digital profile. They are computer checked in seconds, either receiving a  “Have a nice trip” or a red alert if a security officer is required.

IT is taking us to Orwellian heights while Bitcoin heralds the emergence of a new world currency based on IT and computer code.