There is a tremendous pleasure in being able to relax in a clean house or work place.

Of course, with either family or a busy office, it never lasts long, but there are things you can do to keep it constantly clean and tidy.

Here are the habits you can try to maintain to keep a stress-free house or office:

1. Never leave dishes in the sink. Or counter. Clean up any messes in the kitchen after you’re done. Wipe the counters, keep the sink clean.

2. Tidy the bathroom as you go. After using bathrooms, clean the sink, the toilet, spray down the shower, real quick. It only takes a couple of minutes, and the joy of a clean bathroom is unmatched.

3. Pick up as you go. There are many little things kids leave around the house. Pick them up throughout the day, or keep a basket for their stuff and just dump them in there, for them to put away later.

4. Never leave clothes out. Hang once-used but still clean clothes in your bedroom instead of leaving them out to clutter the place up. No more. They either go in the dirty clothes, or they get hung in the closet.

5. Take the household and office rubbish out every single day. It’s cleaner, and even if the rubbish isn’t quite full, this is a good habit.

6. Tidy up before leaving the house or office. It’s awesome to come back home to a clean house. Just pick up a little before leaving.

7. Make your bed in the morning. Do this either before or after showering. Love a made bed.

8. Tidy up before going to bed. Waking up to a messy house can be stressful. Waking up to a clean house is an incredible way to start the day.

9. Don’t let clutter pile up. Is there a place in the kitchen where you pile books and papers? That needs to go. Piles are stressful. Clear this counter daily, along with the inbox we have for all incoming papers.

10. Get rid of the papers on the fridge. You can pretty much put all of that info on your calendar. They leave a very cluttered appearance.

11. Teach the kids and to put their stuff away. By far the greatest source of stress and messiness. This will also be the most challenging task, and possibly can ever be accomplished. But it’s worth a try!

And if it all gets too hard - you can call in the professionals to take things to the next level and give everything a thorough clean!