You will have heard people say that insurance protects you against the unexpected. And that it is necessary to have the right policies in place to ensure you are covered.

But have you really stopped and thought about why that is?

Let me paint you a picture…. you are half a world away from home, injured, faced with accumulating medical costs and in no state to fly home in your economy class ticket. What would you do?

Recently, I was in that very situation. Thankfully, I had travel insurance which really did save the day.

Let’s look into how travel insurance really came through for me, why you should have it, and why you should ensure you have the correct policy for your particular trip.


My Travel Insurance Story

Over Christmas, my family took a trip to Italy to visit my wife’s parents. Everything was going great, plenty of sightseeing, lots of great food, and family adventures.

Until the unexpected happened.

While out skiing the Italian slopes, I took a bit of a tumble. The end result… an incredibly painful separated shoulder. My worst fears, half a world away from home, in a bunch of pain, with the prospect of thousands of dollars in medical bills.

Fortunately, I had taken a Covermore insurance policy before we left for our trip. One call to their toll free 24 hour hotline sorted everything. The ending of the story was rewritten when they arranged to cover the costs of all my medical bills in Italy and arranged for me to fly home in business class as it was just too painful to sit upright in my original economy ticket.


Why You Need Travel Insurance

As you can see from my story, travel insurance really was a saviour. It helped me to get home without any hassle and I was not out of pocket.

But it is not just skiing accidents that you need to be wary of. There are any number of other unforeseen things that can occur on a trip. Your bag could be redirected to a different airport in error leaving you with just the clothes on your back and your carry on. Or maybe you could lose your passport and be stranded in a foreign country. You could even come down with an illness and be hospitalised.

The right kind of travel insurance can save you from a lot of drama, heartache and expense while you are out and about on your travels.


Why You Need The Right Insurance

I was lucky enough to have taken a comprehensive travel policy for my trip. But even a standard policy would not have been sufficient for our trip. Because we intended to undertake a dangerous pastime like skiing, we had to include an extra clause on our policy to include skiing. Thank goodness we had the foresight to include it!

Had we have just taken a basic travel insurance package through our credit card provider then we would not have been covered in this particular circumstance. The wording on those package policies is not up to scratch and there are many areas of fine print that can jeopardise the eligibility of your claim.

That is why it is vital that you speak to an expert about your travel insurance before agreeing to a policy. The team here at Arrowsmith have the knowledge and expertise to help you get cover in all the right areas.

There is no point paying for cover if it is not going to provide the security that you need. So, if you are planning to take a trip in the near future, get in touch with us to discuss the cover we can provide through Covermore. Having the policy certainly made a bad situation far better for me and my family. It could do the same for you if the unexpected strikes.

Drop us a line to see how we can help arrange protection for your next holiday.