Spring is in the air. But that is not the only thing in the air, love is also in the air for birds! Spring is their prime breeding season, and special care is needed. Here are our top tips…

Love Bites

Mating season can cause a protective temperament to appear. This is because they want to protect their eggs (whether they are fertile or not). They may be more inclined to nip or bite.


If your birds do lay eggs, let them sit on them if they want to. Don’t interrupt Mother Nature. Only take the eggs away when your bird is not interested in sitting on them any more.

Fresh Is Best

Make sure they have plenty of fresh veg to munch on. Try to avoid silverbeet and kale as this can make the mother egg-bound which is dangerous for her health. Change their water every day.


Regularly clean out their cage to remove waste. On a daily basis remove the seed husks from their food bowls so that they can reach the fresh seeds underneath.

Spice Of Life

Feeding a variety of foods is important. Try to avoid a diet heavy in sunflower seeds as they are quite fatty.