A good insurance agent will not only save you valuable time, they’ll also save you precious dollars. The best insurance agents will be up to date with all the latest industry trends. They will also be concerned with your personal insurance needs and will be capable of explaining your options in an easily understood and accessible way. What’s more, top insurance agents are those that are independent of any one provider. This means that they will be impartial and are best placed to help you find the right policy for your circumstances.  And so if you are looking for that perfect insurance agent, here are five tips to make the selection process easier.

  1. Personal recommendations

A great starting point is a personal recommendation from a friend or colleague. Testimonials from people that you know are a great way to assess the services on offer and whether the insurance agent is a good match to your requirements.

  1. Research complaints

Just as important as word-of-mouth recommendations is the bad experiences of friends and family members. So make sure that you find out about bad as well as good recommendations.

In addition, you can do some online research into complaints about the insurance agent. Check out Facebook or Google Reviews and look up any representative bodies or government agencies that regulate or licence insurance providers. You may want to steer clear of any agents that have numerous complaints or a number of poor reviews.

  1. Interview the agents

Once you’ve drawn up a shortlist of potential agents, it’s a good idea to meet them in person. There’s no substitute for a face-to-face meeting when it comes to assessing their experience, expertise, knowledge and ability to communicate effectively. Draw up a list of questions that you can ask each agent so you can compare their service offerings.

In addition, you will want to engage an agent that you can trust and meeting them in person will help you to assess whether you feel comfortable working with them.

What’s more, insurance policies can be complicated and convoluted. A good insurance agent will be able to translate the key issues into layman’s terms so that the differences between policies and providers is clear. Meeting up with the potential insurance agent will give a good idea as to whether they can satisfy this requirement.

  1. Check out their credentials

Don’t take it for granted that the potential insurance agent is fully qualified and licensed. It’s always a good idea to double check on their credentials by asking to see their certification. That way you can have peace of mind as well as confidence that the agent is, indeed, qualified to help you.

  1. Look for an agent who can deal with your specific concerns

Sometimes insurance agents specialise in particular areas such as household, car, income protection or health. If you have specific needs, then it may be worth considering a specialist insurance agent. They will be able to give you the personalised, expert advice that you need.

The right insurance agent will take all the hassle out of finding the perfect insurance for you and could also save you valuable dollars. And so it’s well worth the investment of your time in selecting an agent that is a good fit for your needs.