The sun is shining, the Christmas carols are playing, the pohutukawas are flowering. It must mean that it is summer in Aotearoa!

Not only does that mean trips to the beach and barbeques, but it also means summer holidays!

Never ones to waste time, summer holidays also mean a spot of DIY maintenance around the house for many kiwis.

Let’s look into why home maintenance is so important, the jobs you can complete over summer, and which ones you should prioritise if you are planning on selling your home soon.


Why Home Maintenance Is Important

It costs a lot of money to buy a home, so you don’t want that money to go to waste by letting your house get run down.

Regular maintenance can ensure your house is looking great and functioning as it should. Taking the time to keep on top of the small jobs now will prevent you from having to deal with the large expensive jobs when things start to fail.

Without regular maintenance, you could find yourself needing to find thousands of dollars to make repairs on the simplest things. The cost and severity could have been reduced if you had managed the problem better.

If things start to break on your home or it looks like it hasn’t been cared for, then you are actually devaluing the property. That means, when it is time to sell, you won’t be able to get as much for your home as you want to.

Maintenance is key to not only maintaining the look and function of the home, but also the value!


Summer Jobs To Complete

Summer is a great time to get things done. The weather is warmer, there is less rain, the days are longer, and you generally have more time away from work.

Here is a list of jobs you can complete these summer holidays:

Fixing The Little Things: Now is the time to get around to fixing all those things you have been meaning to. The wobbly tap, the leaking pipe, the dodgy toilet seat, any of the little things you have been putting off.

Wash The Exterior: The outside of your house withstands a lot. The exterior and paint take a real battering and can get a build up of muck and lichen. By not cleaning it off, you can halve the lifetime of your paint, meaning you will need to repaint sooner than usual. Also, don’t forget to clean and treat your roof as the same logic applies there. This is a job that should be done annually.

Reseal The Deck: Just like the walls of your house, the deck also takes a lot of pressure from the sun and rain. Resealing or restaining it will prolong the life of the wood, prevent splinters, and keep it looking great. You can also do the same for any outdoor furniture you have.

Clear The Gutters: Leaks inside your home can cause a lot of invisible damage that you won’t necessarily know about until it is too late. So, clear the gutters at least once a year to prevent water damage.

Prune And Trim: Trees and plants can grow incredibly fast in our fertile soil. Keep your trees fruiting and prevent them from taking over your garden by pruning them regularly.

Repaint: Summer is the perfect time to paint any walls that need some attention. Open the windows and doors to let the breeze through and the paint will be dry in no time.

Kitchen Overhaul: Dated kitchen cabinets can really benefit from a fresh coat of paint. Or, if they are past their best, you can get some great kitset options to install.

Cleaning: Not to say that you don’t clean your home throughout the rest of the year! But this is a great time to do jobs like shampooing your carpets, cleaning those super high windows, dealing with the grout in the bathroom, and water blasting your paths.

Safety: Go around and check all of your smoke alarms to ensure they are functioning and that the batteries do not need replacing.

Security: The summer holidays are unfortunately a prime time for burglaries, so check that your home is secure. Fix any broken window latches, ensure your doors bolt as they should and have your burglar alarm serviced also.


Jobs To Prioritise For Sale

All maintenance jobs are important, but if you are planning on selling your home soon then these are the ones you should focus on first:

  • Fixing any damages - both major and minor

  • Filling holes and repainting walls with marks

  • Replacing non-functioning door knobs and window latches

  • Improving your kerb appeal

  • Spring cleaning

If you are looking to sell your home soon, or even if you just want to know what you should focus on, give us a call. We are full service real estate agents, so can let you know the areas where you can improve the value of your home and make it more saleable.