A child can turn your life upside down. And when they do arrive, you will suddenly be aware of dangers you didn’t even know existed beforehand.

It is important to ensure they are protected at home, so here are our 5 top safety tips…

1: Be Vigilant

All the babyproofing in the world is not going to save your child from tumbles and falls. So make sure they are always supervised. They move faster than you will ever expect them too and are always learning new skills. That means you will need to assess the safety of your home on a regular basis for new and existing hazards.

2: Prevent Nasty Falls

Ensure you have baby gates across the entry to stairs and balconies, and ensure your windows are securely fastened to prevent the most common accident - falls. Also, tidy toys regularly and leave a nightlight on at night to prevent tripping.

3: Fire and Heat

Keep your child away from fire, heating sources and kitchen appliances. Have working smoke alarms, fire guards and vigilant kitchen safety. Hot foods and drinks can also produce nasty scalds or burns, so be very mindful of those around children.

4: Strangulation and Suffocation

There are many apparently harmless items that can be a danger for your child. To prevent the potential for suffocation, keep toys and pillows out of a child’s bed until the appropriate age and keep plastic bags well out of reach. Be mindful of strangulation risks by knotting hanging objects like blind cords.

5: Water

A child can drown in an inch of water, so be extremely vigilant around any water source. Children should always be supervised in the bath, shower, pool, pond, beach, river, and even near buckets of water. Learning to swim is an essential skill for children.