People are using their mobile devices to access the internet more in more. In fact, recent statistics prove that people are actually using their mobiles more than their computers.

So what does that mean?

In terms of your business, it means that you need to make sure you are equipped to serve a mobile audience. Not just by allowing them to access your content from their device, but by making it easy and streamlined.

Mobile audiences tend to consume their content differently to desktop audiences, so use these tips to meet their expectations for quality content.

1: Grab their attention

The nature of mobile use is scroll, scroll, scroll. So your content needs to be able to stop the scroll and grab their attention. By using an attention grabbing headline, you can encourage them to click through. But it doesn’t stop at a good headline, your content must deliver on what the title promises or you risk losing the trust of your readers.

2: Important Points First

Don’t wait until the end of your piece to drop the information bombshell. Chances are your readers will have navigated away before they even get to it. Put your most important information first to interest them and entice them to read all the way to the bottom.

3: Be Concise

Mobile users consume content at a frenzied pace, so make sure you get straight to the point quickly. Don’t waffle on for a few paragraphs before you say anything interesting. You don’t have to write super short content pieces, but you do need to make sure your main points are conveyed in a way that is easily understandable and digestible.

4: Write For Scanners

Here comes that scroll. Scroll, scroll again. Mobile users are looking for something to stand out and they are only interested in reading the things that are important to them. Make your content easily scannable by using relevant subheadings to separate your points.

5: Use Bullets

Not shotgun pellets, but bullet points. They are a great way to get your information across quickly and easily in an eye catching fashion. Break up lengthy paragraphs with a bullet point list of easily digestible content. Make sure your bullet points are short, don’t write a mini paragraph for each bullet!

6: Strategic Video

Video is very engaging and gives your readers a quick burst of information. Images can be great too, as they offer an instant visual representation. But because they add to scrolling time on a mobile device, use them only when necessary and not to fill up space on the page. Every video clip and image should be relevant to your topic.

7: Keep It Simple

If something takes too long to load then a mobile user will not wait around for it. They will be on that back button as fast as they can. So remove unnecessary clutter from your web pages including ads, non-essential pop ups and irrelevant images. If you get rid of the clutter than it is much easier for your readers to engage with your content.