With evening BBQs, parties and gatherings, the threat of mosquitos is all too real. They are vicious and out for blood… quite literally. Bug experts have recently indicated that the only thing that mosquitoes need to find you is naked flesh, warmth and light.

So what can you do about it?

Are there any other solutions apart from sitting inside with the doors and windows locked tight?

Let’s explore what you can do…

Combating The Mosquito Danger…

The top tips from Animal Planet Bug Expert “Bugman” Rudd Kleinpasteare…

  • Wear bug repellant when you are going to be outside at night

  • Don’t leave stagnant water around your home is it attracts them

  • Close your windows when you go to bed at night, or purchase bug screens for your windows

Why Do Mosquitos Love To Bite Us?

Bugman advises that mosquitoes need warm blood for their egg production and can sense carbon dioxide emitting off humans. Warm-blooded people get their warmth from breathing oxygen. So all mosquitoes need to find us is, to use their antennae to sense a strong presence of carbon dioxide. They will then target the warmest fleshiest part of the body they can find to draw blood from your veins.

Mosquitoes are well evolved to draw blood very quickly. They have a fine micro-surgical probe that is able to be inserted into your veins. They also have a mechanism to prevent natural blood clotting so that they can draw as much blood as necessary.

Why Do They Bite Some People More Than Others?

As we already know, every person is different. Some have a bacteria present on their skin that mosquitoes love more than anything else. It is the smell of the bacteria attracts mosquitoes from far and wide.

The particular bacteria is the same kind that produces Limburger cheese and is most often found on your toes and feet. If you have this bacteria present on your skin, then you might find that you get bitten below the ankles a lot.

It seems no matter what we do, mosquitos can hunt us out. Their well-tuned senses make it hard for us to ward them away. The only way to really prevent them biting us is to cover up your skin and lock up your doors and windows tightly. Even blackout curtains will not save us from their bites!

So, if you are going to be outside in the evening (especially in summertime), cover up with light clothing and use bug repellant. The biggest thing you can do to prevent mosquitoes taking up residence at your place is to remove stagnant water.