There’s no doubt that social media, websites and advertising all have their place when it comes to marketing, but how good would it be for your business if you could directly connect with customers currently in your local area, now? Well, that’s exactly what’s on offer with myPype. This state-of-the-art solution will transform how every business works. Carry on reading to find out how you can be a part of this exciting development.

What is myPype?

myPype is a cost-effective, easy to use, instantaneous advertising and communication solution that delivers your business’s messages straight to customers that are in your local area now!

Customers are alerted in real-time to any alerts or messages from local companies through the PYPER app which is free to download from the App Store or Google play. myPype allows you to promote your business, reward customers and drive traffic, all at the same time.

What would I use myPype for?

The great beauty of myPype is that it connects you with potential local customers that are looking for goods and services in your local area now.

  • Use myPype to promote targeted special offers and incentives that will increase your existing customer base.
  • Tell consumers about your new product, service, opening hours or special event via myPype.
  • Let myPype help drive traffic to your business during quieter periods.
  • Use it to help clear stock or any seasonal or discontinued lines.
  • And fill a last-minute cancellation or appointment through myPype.

The possibilities are almost endless, but the outcome is the same. Quite simply, myPype will lead to more sales, more often. You can use myPype to pretty much advertise anything at any time. What’s more, myPype allows you to monitor the results and keep track of which offers and promotions hit the spot with local customers. Enjoy h

That all sounds fine and dandy, but how much does it cost?

All these great myPype benefits are available from as little as $1.85 per day! Yes, that’s right. With just a $100 initial set up fee, the monthly subscription is a very reasonable $50 per month, and that’s it – no lock-in fees, commissions or hidden costs. It’s an entirely transparent fee structure that is very cost-effective. And unlike group buying or voucher promotion schemes, all the proceeds from sales are yours to keep.

OK, I’m interested, but technology isn’t my thing.

No problem. myPype is super easy to use and doesn’t require a PhD in computing or any great technical knowledge. All you need to do is go to our website, sign up, create your offer and away you go! You can then just sit back and enjoy the increased exposure and sales that will follow.

myPype: the innovative solution

Be at the cutting edge and maintain your competitive advantage with the innovative myPype solution. There’s no doubt that myPype is the secret weapon your business has been looking for. Make the best business decision you’ll ever need: sign up for myPype today.