New Year’s Eve should be one of the biggest celebratory events of the year, but it can often be a bit of an anticlimax. Use this simple guide to make sure this New Year’s gets rung in with a bang and sets a new precedence for the annual event.

Host a New Year’s Eve Party
It’s never too late, often many people who don’t go out of town for the holiday season don’t make plans until the last minute. Even when those do have plans to go to events, the opportunity to attend a New Year’s Eve house party will more often than not be the event of choice, and a reason to cancel any prior commitments.

Hosting a New Year’s Eve party sounds like a lot of effort, not exactly what you feel like after a week of relaxing in the sun after Christmas. New Year’s Eve parties needn’t be formal or terribly organised, you will find that you probably have everything you need left over from previous celebrations.

Food and wine is the easiest thing to organise for a New Year’s Party - leftovers! Christmas and Boxing Day celebrations always mean countless leftovers and treats get thrown away because everyone’s stomachs are too full to consume them. Prepare yourself with a bunch of re-sealable bags and airtight containers (grab some at a Boxing Day sale), and seal anything from fruit mince pies to legs of ham tightly and refrigerate until New Year’s Eve.

You’ll probably have been gifted countless boxes of Sampler biscuits and novelty sugar treats, so in addition throw them out on platters, grab yourself some fresh bread and relishes on the day, and you’ve got enough food for everyone to nibble on throughout the night.

It’s never too much to ask people to bring their own bottle of wine, but to get the party started open up some of the corporate bottles you received during the lead up to Christmas, and throw in a few bottles of Xmas bubbles if there’s any left from the big festive day.

Music and Fireworks
Music is easy - just throw on the radio! For local stuff, you’ll find many popular radio stations host New Year’s Eve countdowns with uninterrupted music you can dance to all night. Additionally, they’ll do an official countdown as well so you as the host won’t need to worry about keeping track of time. For something more personalised, grab your iPod or iTunes, choose a few quintessential celebration hits (70s disco is key), and run a couple of Apple Genius playlists to formulate appropriate music for the entire night.

The best way to ensure your parties really goes off with a bang is to bring your own bang - fireworks! Guy Fawkes was only 7 weeks ago so you may still have a half-full Boom Box lying around. Pull this out on the stroke of midnight while your party sings along to Auld Lang Syne.

New Years Eve Events
To find out about New Year’s Eve events in your city for the whole family, check out your city council’s website. Many cities host a concert and countdown at a public area in their city centre, and these are normally policed and alcohol-free, making them a great place to take kids.

There are also several large-scale music festivals that happen around the country over the New Year’s period, many of them several day events.