As a great corporate gift or a gift for customers or employees, calendars are handy ways to show your appreciation while broadcasting your branding or marketing message.

While calendars are traditionally given in the months running up to the new year, there’s nothing to say you can’t print a calendar that begins mid-year and give it to clients and suppliers as a surprise gift.

Options for Calendar Formats

There are a few standard formats of a calendar that you can make and each may present a different aspect of your business that will help to strengthen your brand in the eyes of your client.

Here are some ideas in which you can make your calendars unique to you and your business.

Photographic Calendars of Your Products

A good way to get your brand and products in front of your clients on a regular basis over a long period is to present them with a calendar featuring images of your products.

While photographs of cars or buildings can be more exciting than photographs of spark-plugs and office stationery, there are a few ways that you can make the photographs more creative or practical in order to promote the use of your calendars.

  • Photographs of your products in creative or amusing situationsOffice stationery by itself can make for rather boring photography but with some creative thinking, you can make an entertaining calendar that people will actually choose to put on their walls for others to see. Also mixing the photographs with cartoon characters and other imagery can be another unique way to present your photographs.
  • Photographs of your products with information or statistics if your clients regularly use your products and there is a lot of statistical information or instructions that go with your products, you can make your calendars useful by including that information along with each photograph. By making your calendars practical and usable, you increase the chance that your calendars will be displayed in your client’s offices and workplaces.

Calendars With Personalised Important Dates

Another way to make your calendars more practical and increase their chances of being used is to include notes and reminders on dates that are specific to you or your client.

This is especially useful if your business revolves around dates, such as a school or other educational institution or an events company that would benefit from reminding customers about key celebration dates.

Make a list of your dates and provide this to your designer or printer or, alternatively, you can use an online calendar creation service and add your own dates and images during the process.

If you don’t intend on giving a large number of calendars, you could make your calendars especially personal by writing and adding your own post-it notes next to dates that are important to you and your client.

This can be an amusing and quirky way of adding your own personality to the calendars and a fun way to make your recipient smile.