People hear so many messages a day. There is quite literally advertising everywhere you turn.

The digital age and the decline in television watchers and radio listeners has meant that advertisers have got quite creative. Along with the traditional methods of posters, printed media, branded shop fronts and signwritten cars, people are also met with advertising when they turn on their electronic devices.

These days, to stay in line with your competitors, the tactic is simple. You need to be out there promoting your message. If you aren’t, then your business will easily be forgotten.

That is why you need to ensure you have multiple communication touch points with potential and existing clients. Let’s explore the science behind it, how many points of contact you need to have and how you can achieve that in your business.


The Science Of Communication

As we have already mentioned, you need to stay front of mind with prospects and clients to ensure they don’t forget about your business. That means constantly delivering valuable messaging across a variety of mediums.

By creating this brand awareness, you are regularly reminding people how your business can help them. Then, when they have a need for your products or services, you will be the first business that comes to mind. It will be a simple decision for them to work with you as you have already built a relationship of trust and familiarity with them.

Building the Know, Like Trust factor with your audience is a key influence in the purchasing process. If they know what your business does, like what you stand for, and trust that you will do a good job then they are far more likely to work with you.


How Many Points Of Contact Will It Take?

Unfortunately, there is no exact magic number of contact points that will guarantee a sale. But we do know that the number is steadily growing. It used to be that people only needed 5 or so contact points to convince them to buy. But now it can be upwards of 20.

And, these points of contact need to happen over a significant period of time. It can’t be all in one day as that would bombard your prospects and scare them away! In reality, it can take up to 12 months to convert a prospect to a buyer on messaging alone.

Converting prospects to buyers is a long term process that needs consistency and dedication.


Achieve It In Your Business

Because it takes so many touch points and a significant period of time to convert a prospect, you need to use a variety of mediums to communicate with them - both on and offline.

Online advertising is great. You reach a wide audience in a space where they are hungry for information. But you constantly have to pay for the privilege to do so. That is why you should consider physical marketing methods too. An electronic sign for your business is the perfect way to get our message across. We are not saying it should replace your other marketing efforts, but it will certainly complement them!

Picture this… your ideal client drives by your business a couple of times a week. Each time they drive by, they see a great electronic message alongside your business branding. Right away, you are ticking off those contact touch points that you need.

After a couple of months of reading the messaging on your sign, they will be familiar with what you offer, connect your business with the helpful offerings and trust that you can give them what they need. Suddenly, you have a very warm prospect on your hands!

The beauty of an electronic sign is that it is branded with your logo and colours, so it is instantly recognisable as your business asset. And, you control the messaging. Completely programmable by WiFi, you can change the message as often as you like. Highlight events, special offers, tidbits of info, and general messages to your community when they are relevant and topical.

So, are you ready to start ticking off communication touch points for your business? Then get in touch with us at WiPath today for a chat about how an electronic sign can start converting prospects to paying customers today!