Every business needs marketing. But choosing the right method for your startup business can seem overwhelming, especially if you don’t have much of a budget to work with. If you choose the wrong advertising it is like throwing money away, but if you pick the right medium for your business, you will see the benefits before too long.

So how do you choose the right advertising? These tips should help…

1: Sell the Benefit

People are tired of seeing a list of product or service features. It doesn’t engage them or tell them how it can make their life better or easier. But if you tell them how it can benefit them, they will be all ears. Let them know how your business can save them time, money, or energy and you will have clients lining up to work with you.

2: Don’t Compare To The Competition

Your customers or clients will not care what your competitor can do. They don’t need to be explicitly told that you are cheaper, or your quality is better, or that you have better value. Simply tell them how you can help them. If you have the product or service that they are after, none of the other things matter.

3: Speak To Your Ideal Customer

Don’t advertise all the things that you think are great about your offerings, but market with your customer in mind. Listen to what they want and then respond accordingly in your marketing. Speak in a tone that they can relate to so that they feel like you are communicating directly to them.

4: Market Before It Comes To Market

Wouldn’t it be great if you had people ready to buy your product the very day that is lunaches? You can generate that frenzy of sales by marketing your product before you release it. Create excitement and a need for the product before it is even ready. Then once it is release, you have an audience ready and waiting to buy.

5: Don’t Spend The Earth

The online world has provided excellent opportunities for small business to play on the same stage as the big players. There are some methods that you can even use without spending a cent. Choose influencers in your target market to get the word out on your products, post videos on your social media, guest blog on relevant websites and encourage word of mouth referrals.

6: Make Sure You Can Measure It

When you have a limited marketing budget, you want to know that your dollars are being spent wisely. Choose a method of marketing that you can monitor to ensure you are getting a good return on your investment. Online options allow you to view engagement rates, click through rates and resulting sales.

7: Engage With Your Customers

Give your customers a place to reach you. Social media is a great way to do this. Allow them to give their feedback, both good and bad, and give yourself a public forum to respond. Letting them see the face behind the business will give them confidence to buy from you and let them know more about your business’ personality.