When it comes to business, there are a lot of things to spend money on. Growth strategies, recruiting top talent, innovative marketing, brand awareness and more.

But you can’t devote any funds towards these vital aspects if you are paying too much for your electricity and gas!

So, what is the solution?

Well, you should just pay less for your energy costs. It sounds easier said than done, doesn’t it? But it isn’t.

Here at SaveAWatt, reducing the cost of your energy bills is what we specialise in. We can help you make real savings in your business with an easy and stress free process. You could end up being like Allan Scott Family Winemakers. When they let us review and renew their energy supply contracts, they ended up saving 21.7% on their energy costs in 3 years!

Let us tell you a little more…


You Could Make Real Savings

There are only two ways to reduce the energy costs in your business. Either you reduce the amount of energy you use, or you reduce the price you pay.

It is not practical to reduce the amount of energy you use, as how will you keep the lights on? So you have to look at the alternative - reduced pricing.

By joining our specialised national energy tender, 25 energy retailers across New Zealand will be ready and waiting for your potential custom. You get to utilise SaveAWatt’s leveraged buying position to get greater purchasing power for your energy needs.

That could include:

  • The best terms and conditions

  • The lowest rates

  • The best prompt payment discounts

  • A 4x return on your investment!

All of that can add up to significant savings for your business without having to change your energy use or the way that you operate.


How The Process Works

There is a very simple 6 step process to access energy savings for your business. It goes a little something like this:

Step 1: Qualify - To be eligible to join SaveAWatt you must be the business decision maker, have a monthly energy spend of more than $1500, be committed to reducing costs, and your contract must be expiring within 6 months if you are on a time of use supply agreement.

Step 2: Registration - Give us all the details we need by filling in our Authority and Agreement forms, then supply us with a recent energy account that contains your current rates and ICP number.

Step 3: Bulk Tender Process - This is where we start to work our magic. We obtain 12 months of consumption data from your retailer to build an energy profile. Then, we put that profile to the market of 25 energy companies nationwide.

Step 4: Presenting - After 1 month we present you with a detailed report outlining the total savings we have negotiated for your business. Our purpose built software allows for all variables including multi rates, special discounts and varying Ts & Cs.

Step 5: The Switch - Once you decide on the best deal, you then sign a fixed term energy price agreement with the winning retailer so that the newly negotiated rates are guaranteed for the contract term. We can achieve optimum pricing for you on a 24 to 36 month arrangement. SaveAWatt then completes all the necessary background work for the switch to take place.

Step 6: No Savings/No Fee - Once the switch has taken place, we will raise an invoice for 25% of the savings. If we don’t manage to save you any money there is no cost to you!

So, what do you have to lose?


Allan Scott Family Wine Makers

Allan Scott Family Wine Makers are just one of the businesses that we have helped to achieve significant savings on their energy costs.

This is what they had to say about working with SaveAWatt…

“Nothing to lose and potentially plenty to gain - that’s what we thought when we were approached by saveawatt. As a family business, seeing that we will save over $10,000 - 21.7% - in electricity costs over three years means a great deal; it means we can stay profitable and continue to employ and support our employees. The saveawatt team was extremely easy to work with and helpful every step of the way. With potential savings to be made, using saveawatt really is a no-brainer.”


Do you want to make significant savings on your energy bills too? Then get in touch with us here at SaveAWatt, give us a call on 0800 50 40 10 and speak to one of our Energy Brokers.