The end of the year can be a concerning time in business, especially if your premises close down for the holidays.

Unfortunately, the holiday season is the prime time for burglaries. With fewer people going into the workplace, opportunists feel this could be a good time to break in.

Instead of you spending the entire holiday break worrying about your premises, let us look after it for you.

Having a security system in place is the best way to ensure your premises are safe when you can’t be there. That includes CCTV, Alarms and 24 Hour Monitoring.

Let’s look at how each of these features can stop you from worrying about your business premises.



CCTV is your eyes on the ground when you can’t be there. Strategically placed cameras record what is happening at your workplace in real time. You can log into the video feed so that you can check it any time that you want. You can always be aware of what is happening.

That way, if there are any suspicious people hanging around, or untoward activity, the authorities can be alerted and deal with it with swiftly. If anyone does manage to cause trouble or damage, then you will also have video proof to provide to the police and also to your insurance company. That way there is a clear, accurate and unquestionable record.

CCTV does not just protect your premises against burglary, you can also protect your team members too. Often over the holiday season, there will be a reduced number of staff on deck. You can ensure their safety by monitoring the premises with CCTV and discovering any unsafe practices.



Alarms act as a deterrent for potential trouble makers. It decreases the chance of a burglary happening at your place with well placed signs. And, if they do manage to get into your premises, the overwhelmingly loud alarm will reduce the time that the intruder stays, therefore reducing the damage they can do and the things they can take.

Our alarms have multiple components to ensure that nothing goes unnoticed. Not only are there standard motion detectors, but we can also install door or window sensors that trigger when opened, or even glass break sensors. This gives you peace of mind that every aspect of your business premises is covered.

On top of security alarms, we are also able to install smoke or heat detectors to protect your business with state of the art technology from leading alarm manufacturers.


24 Hour Monitoring

Having a security system is one thing, but what can you do if the alarm goes off and you are two hours away at a campground?

That is why we always recommend that you install a monitored security system as it means that someone away from your premises knows there is a problem. If at any time the alarm is triggered, it will send a signal to our control room that is monitored 24 hours a day. That means we can take immediate action to determine if there is an intruder and then react according to your instructions.

So, stop spending hours of your holiday time worrying about your business premises. Instead, know that they are in safe hands and protected from all of the dangers that might strike when you can’t be there yourself.


Case Study: Braemar Hospital

Braemar Hospital (along with a growing number of Retirement Homes and Villages) rely on Smartway Security & Technologies to install and maintain their CCTV, Access Door Control, Nurse Call System and other electronic installations around their premises, helping them to allow a smooth running and protect their premises.

Regular service and maintenance visits are scheduled to eliminate possible problems occurring. Occasionally when they do, we are able to assist quickly to ensure minimum disruption to their facility.


If you would like to know more about how Smartway can protect your business premises when you can’t be there, then get in touch with us today.