With constant demands to be ‘on’ for 24 hours a day, stress is at an all-time high. We are constantly bombarded with warnings that we need to reduce our stress levels because it is bad for our health.

But what if there was a revelation that stress isn’t that bad after all?

If you know how to manage it correctly, you can actually use stress as fuel instead of a burden.

Here’s how…

Stress Isn’t All Bad

Stress is one of the body’s natural defence mechanisms. It helps to keep you alert in times of danger. Stress derives from the ‘fight or flight’ response our ancestors faced when hunting. It has helped our species survive the ages because it gives you the ability to react instantaneously in dangerous situations.

So instead of letting the stress hormones overwhelm you when your inbox constantly dings, or your boss moves a deadline forward, change to a positive stress mindset. View something stressful as an opportunity to learn as opposed to an unpleasant or debilitating task.

You won’t ever be able to eliminate all of the stressful situations from your life. Instead, view them with a positive stress mindset to keep your calm and be productive!