Do you find your kids mooching around inside on a beautiful sunny day? They become so used to the structured routine of school, that come the summer holidays they get a bit lost on how to amuse themselves. Kids definitely need some downtime over the summer break, but they also need something to keep their mind engaged. Try some of these activities to beat summer boredom and to boost their brain power…

1: Summer Classes or Programmes

Some clubs will run classes or programmes over summer that your kids can participate in. Hunt for the things that your kids are interested in like dancing, swimming, or gymnastics. These classes have the added benefit of burning some energy off! But also think outside the box for art classes, pottery making, singing and theatre, writing programmes, crafts, or reading groups.

2: Summer Sports

Find out if your local sports teams have a summer programme. The games will give the kids something to look forward too and practicing for the games will give them something to do in their downtime. It also keeps them active and gets them out of the house.

3: Community And Library Events

If you know where to look, you will be spoiled for choice on things you can take the kids too. Most local community centres and libraries run events over summer. Your kids might be able to learn a new skill, meet some news friends, or have some new experiences. Often these events have a very low entry fee, or none at all!

4: Parks And Playgrounds

It is amazing how you can turn up at a park and the kids will entertain themselves for hours by running around, playing on the swings and chasing each other. But if they were at home with a bedroom full of toys, they would complain about being bored. Make the most of the magic of the outdoors by visiting your local parks, playgrounds, bush walks, hiking trails, waterfalls and swimming holes.

5: Museum Events

Steeped in history, a trip to the museum will leave your kids amazed about how we all got to this point in the timeline. Even better, most museums will have special summer exhibitions or kids events that encourage learning. Your kids will learn so much in a fantastic, stimulating environment.

6: Get Involved In The Community

Communities are always looking for volunteers. So whether you help out at your local food mission, clean up at your parks and beaches, pitch in to paint the neighbor’s fence, or visit the elderly at a rest home, you will be giving back to your community.

7: Scavenger Hunt

If your community does not have one organised, why not plan one yourself? Get a bunch of families together, create a list of items for the kids to collect and spot, then let them go! It’s a fantastic way to explore a new place, learn things about nature and challenge yourself to finish a task. Depending on your age group, you might need to make some clues easier and some harder. Or have a list for the younger members and a different list for the more advanced scavengers.