Carpet has many great benefits - it is warm underfoot, it looks great and it adds comfort to any room. Unfortunately, if it is not regularly cleaned it can also add unwanted germs. These are the four germs that could be lurking in your carpet.

1: Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Yep, that big scary sounding word matches the big scary threat. This bacteria is resistant to penicillin and is often found in gyms or locker rooms. That means any family athletes could already have tracked it in. It can cause red bumps that worsen into a rash, or a fever. In extreme cases, it can even cause death.

2: Norovirus

This nasty virus has symptoms similar to the stomach flu or food poisoning. It can be inhaled when made airborne by people walking on infected areas of the carpet. Norovirus can survive on your carpet for up to 6 weeks!

3: Campylobacter

These nasty bacteria thrive in damp conditions, so taking your shoes off at the door during wet weather will minimise some of the risks as the temperature drops. It can cause a condition called campylobacteriosis which results in abdominal pain, cramping fever and bloody diarrhoea. It affects children and the elderly most severely and can be fatal.

4: Fungi and Mould

While more common, these two things are no less deadly. They can cause allergic reactions, illness and can also lead to death.


To prevent these four nasties from affecting your home, we recommend you regularly get your carpets cleaned by a professional.