LED lights are rapidly growing in popularity and rightly so! They are an excellent option for any space.

Not only do they look great and produce amazing light, but they can actually save you money, and increase the value of your home. On top of that, by choosing LEDs, you can do your part for the environment as they are a sustainable lighting option.

Let’s have a look at these benefits in greater detail.


Why LED Lights?

LEDs Look Great

LED lights create consistent, attractive illumination for any area in your home or workplace. You can use them to light a whole room, or for efficient directional lighting.

There are a number of different options that provide a warm glow, or cooler options for more intense light. Unlike their halogen counterparts, LEDs provide instant light as soon as you flick the switch. They also do not dim over time or flicker while they are in operation.

LED lights provide a clean, attractive and modern lighting option that suit any style of decor.


LEDs Save You Money

LEDs provide significant cost-saving opportunities. That means they can pay for themselves over time. While the initial outlay is more than a standard halogen light, LED lights can last for up to 20 years! That means no costly bulb replacements every year or so.

Incandescent lights waste a lot of energy because they produce a large amount of radiant heat. In fact, around 80% of the electricity they use goes into heat. That means only 20% is dedicated to actual lighting. When you switch to LEDs you will notice a significant reduction in your power costs. That is because LEDs produce almost no heat at all. 80-90% of all electricity used by LEDs goes directly into producing light.

So, not only does it save you money, but it increases the safety at your home as well. There have been many reported cases of halogen light fittings overheating and catching fire.

If you are going to switch to LED, we recommend that you replace the whole downlight fitting, not just the bulb. Simply replacing the bulb with an LED or CFL-bulb is not a good idea. LEDs and CFLs shouldn’t be used in closed fittings as they need good ventilation to ensure their long life. If they get too hot, they are likely to fail early.


LEDs Increase The Value Of Your Home

There are two things that instantly increase the value of any home. They are aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency. An LED light installation by our Master Electricians will achieve both. Not only will you be saving money on power bills, but you will also simultaneously be increasing the resale value of your property.

Energy efficiency is not only about saving money. It also allows your home to become more sustainable. LEDs use less power than traditional incandescent light bulbs, which means less drain on electricity-creating resources.

With all these positive benefits, the choice to switch to LEDs is an easy one!


Why Choose Us?

At Rankin McManus Electrical, we are committed to providing the latest and best Electrical solutions available to you.

As the price continues to fall and the technology continues to improve, there has never better a better time to choose LED lighting for your home. Upgrading to LED lights can be as cheap as $25 + GST per light!

LED light installations create consistent, attractive illumination for your home. They work equally well for lighting a whole room and providing directional lighting. LED lighting also offers flexible design choices.

Because they are energy efficient and cooler than traditional halogen lights, our Master Electricians can install LEDs in a wide range of locations and combinations to create unique lighting profiles.

If you are interested in knowing if LED lights are right for your home, then get in touch with us now. We can even give you a quick quote over the phone if you have this information on hand…

  • The size of the existing light you want replaced (you can work this out by measuring the diameter of the existing light holes in your ceiling)

  • Are the lights recessed or surface?

  • The location of where the lights are to be installed - i.e shower, bathroom, kitchen, or outside

  • The quantity of each type

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