Marketing a property to a homebuyer is completely different to when you are trying to attract investors. Here is how you should market to both…

Marketing To Home Buyers

When marketing to a home buyer you want to appeal to their emotions and allow them to see what the house could look like if they lived there.

Focus on…

  • High quality images that represent the property realistically
  • Professionally stage the property to look invitingly livable
  • Highlight the lifestyle benefits
  • Promote close proximities to schools, shops, beaches, parks, public transport etc.
  • Sell at a time of year that presents the neighbourhood in the best light
  • Get the neighbours onboard with tidying their lawns, containing pets and keeping noise levels low

Marketing to Investors

Investors buy with their heads instead of their hearts, so you will need to let them see that the property is worth their money.

Focus on…

  • Information on infrastructure and upgrades
  • Proximity to amenities and services
  • Capital growth rates for the area
  • Estimated rental rates
  • Land and property size
  • Zoning
  • Comparable sale detail for the area
  • Marketing in the appropriate place to attract investors buyers