Do you remember never getting out of the water when you were a kid? What happened to that mentality? It seems to be the older we get, the less we swim. Why is that? Swimming is great fun and a gentle whole body workout.

Check out these health benefits and you will soon be competing with the kids for who can stay in the water the longest!

1: Better Brain Function
Swimming increases blood flow to the brain which means more oxygen and an increase in your alertness, memory and cognitive functions.
2: Helps Kids Achieve
Research has shown that kids who begin to swim at an early age learn skills and abilities faster than their non-swimming peers.
3: Boosts Your Mood
Experience less fatigue, memory loss and tension with a regular swim throughout the year.
4: Lower Blood Pressure
Swim workouts are a great way to lower your resting blood pressure, especially if you suffer from hypertension.
5: Longer Life Expectancy
A study proved that people who do regular aquatic workouts will have a longer life expectancy than those that don’t.
6: Reduce Heart Disease Risk
Swimming increases cardiovascular function and reduces inflammation around your heart.
7: Reduce Lower Back Pain
Aquatic exercises can significantly reduce the amount of lower back pain in individuals.

Who’s ready to hit the pool?