How is your school sign looking? Has it seen better days? Maybe you are looking to utilise your signage space more effectively?

Well, here at WiPath, we could just have the solution you are looking for.

We specialise in high quality LED signage that not only looks great but is effective at delivering any message you want.

Why would you choose an LED sign?

There are so many reasons that LED is a great option, but we will focus on the main three. Firstly, it will not date as you can always keep the information current, secondly, you can modernise your school’s approach, and thirdly, it is a great way to communicate with the students, parents, and the wider community.

Let’s look into these benefits in greater detail.


An LED Sign Will Not Date

Signage can cost an absolute fortune, especially if you constantly need to update it. Featuring on a billboard, creating posters for upcoming school events, or placing an A-frame at your gate all costs money… every time you have to do it.

As soon as an event is over, the printed signage becomes useless and is only good for the bin! It is literally throwing money away. But if you had an LED sign instead, you could simply change the message every time you needed. You control the content that you display, so you could update it every day.

You get to inform everyone of the happenings at school without the constant outlay for printing costs. Plus, your LED sign can be branded with your school logo, motto, values, or anything else you want to include. Align your message with your school values and still get important information out into the public sphere.

You will have a school sign at your entrance anyway, so why not make the most of the space that you have available?


Modernise Your School’s Approach

Not only do you have a sign that will not date, but an LED sign is a modern approach for your school. The world is going digital, especially with our youth and their education. It is vital that our children keep up with technological advancements, which is of course why devices have been included in the school curriculum.

Prove to your community that your school is technologically savvy and takes a modern approach to education. An LED sign gives your school a professional, slick look - proving that you care about the students whose minds you are moulding.

As the world awakens to the negative impact of our ‘use and dispose’ culture, people are demanding a change. It is vital that we all make more sustainable choices to protect our planet for the future generations. By selecting an LED sign for your school, you are minimising waste as you no longer have to constantly dispose of unwanted printed material.


Communicate With Students, Parents, The Wider Community

As well as the benefits of longevity, modernisation and sustainability, there is one obvious benefit that we have not yet mentioned.

That is the ability to communicate messages and information to the wider school community. And you can do it instantly without having to wait for materials to be printed. Advise them of an upcoming school production or mufti day, remind students to bring in their project materials, remind parents of payment deadlines, and let the local community know how they can get involved in school life.

You choose the message and you choose when you deliver it. Have your very own billboard/poster/sign at your front gate displaying information you can change on a daily or weekly basis depending on your needs.


If you would love to hear more about having an LED sign at your school, then get in touch with us here at WiPath for a no obligation quote. Think of all the time, energy and money you could save in the long run with your own information display on school grounds!