Marketing is not simply throwing words, images, or videos online and hoping for the best. There is true science behind good marketing. Science that utilises the power of psychology.

Here are our 7 top tips for using psychology in your marketing strategy…

1: Humans Are Impulsive

Have you heard of the term impulse purchase? That term did not come about by accident. It has developed because we humans can be very impulsive when we buy. Regardless of age or demographic, every human is prone to impulse purchases because of the actions our brains take during urgency. Give people a time-bound offer they can’t refuse and you will see the sales roll in.

2: The Power Of Images

Humans can process images quicker than they can process text, so use that to your advantage. People tend to think in pictures and can digest an image far faster than a paragraph of text. A killer image will draw their attention. But don’t forget to back it up with a section of well-worded text for those that want to know more.

3: Well-Chosen Words

Certain words can encourage a sense of trust when read, so you should include these in your marketing where appropriate. Just remember that words begin to lose their effectiveness the more times they are repeated, so don’t stuff your text with them. The trust-building words are…

  • Authentic

  • Certified

  • Guaranteed

  • Loyal

  • Official

4: Don’t Ignore Past Customers

Research has found that people are far more likely to say yes to your business if they have said yes before. So make sure you don’t ignore your past and current customers in your marketing.

5: Be Careful With Your Numbers

It is thought that the first number a customer sees will affect their whole buying decision. So, don’t confuse them by putting too many prices in your advertising. If an item is on sale, declare the sale price first and then indicate the original price so that the customer will see how much they are saving. The savings might encourage them to buy even if the price is over their initial budget.

6: Humans Are Emotional

Every purchasing decision a person makes is influenced by their emotions. You can play on the emotional response in your marketing. Align the marketing of each of your products and services with the emotion your target market is most prone to.

7: People Respond To Labels

People tend to see themselves through to eyes of what others see. They are not against being told who they are, what they believe and how you think they will act. Knowing who they are in relation to your products or services could influence their decision to buy.