If your to do list tends to grow rather than shrink, you need to take note of these tips to get it organised. When you do, you will blitz through it in no time.

Section Your Tasks

Divide your lists into Must Dos like meetings and appointments, Priority Tasks like deadlines that should be met, and Everything Else. That gives you a clear picture of how you can utilise the time you have left after the Must Dos.

Group Like Tasks

Group similar tasks together so that you can complete them efficiently. Too much switching between tasks causes you to lose focus and time.


Ask yourself these three questions about the tasks on your list…

  1. How important is this task?

  2. How long will it take me to do?

  3. Will it cause issues if I don’t do it now?

It will allow you to prioritise which tasks you should tackle first.


See if there are any tasks on your list that you can outsource to someone else. If they don’t require your expertise and you have too much on your plate, outsource as much as practical.

Include Spare Time

There will always be things in your day that you don’t account for - checking emails, unexpected phone calls, or last minute tasks. Leave a window in your day for these unplanned things.