As the cold weather sets in your first instinct might be to turn on the heater. But that isn’t the only way to keep warm. There are some other things you should do to keep your home cosy this winter…

1: Cover Floorboards
Hardwood floors are beautiful to look at, but they can be drafty. Accessorise with a rug for a change in decor and a way to stay warm.
2: Properly Fit Your Curtains
Your curtains should cover the entire window and also extend out to cover the frame. They should be hung close to the window and have no gaps between them. Net curtains can make your standard curtains more efficient, so consider installing some.
3: Embrace Floor Snakes
Floor snakes are those filled rolls of fabric that you put across the gap at the bottom of your doors. They exclude drafts and make it easier to heat a room.
4: Seal Old Fireplaces
If you have an old fireplace that doesn’t function, seal it up to reduce drafts. This can be done by a professional or you can stuff newspaper in the chimney.
5: Utilise Your Oven
If you are cooking a roast dinner, make the most of the residual heat in the oven to heat the kitchen area. If you don’t have small children or pets, you could even leave the oven door ajar as the oven cools to maximise the heat.
6: Hotty Bottles
Hot water bottles are a cheap and effective way to keep your toes warm in bed.
7: Onesies
Whether you want to be a unicorn or Batman, there is a onesie to suit your tastes. And they are warm!
8: Woolens
Long johns aren’t particularly sexy, but they keep you warm! As do woolen vests and merino items.
9: Slippers
A lot of the heat in your body escapes from your feet, especially if you are walking on cold surfaces. So invest in a snuggly pair of slippers.
10: Heat Yourself Up
It is easier and more cost-effective to heat yourself than your whole bed. Have a warm shower just before bed to be toasty warm.