Here are the best hacks for eating healthy…


Top Diet 15 Hacks

  1. Don’t call it a diet. Diets never work, because they are too restrictive and temporary. Once you are off the diet, you let go, and all bets are off. Aim for a gradual change in your eating habits, something you can sustain for the rest of your life.

  2. Change one food at a time. Ease into healthy eating by just changing one thing in your diet at a time, giving yourself time to get used to it. For example, instead of eating sugar cereal, try oatmeal or whole-grain cereal with low sugar. Or instead of eating a burger, try a healthier sandwich. Once you get used to that change (give it at least 2 weeks), change another food. There is no need to change your entire diet overnight as that is simply not sustainable long term.

  3. Veggie Day. Go vegetarian one day a week. There are some delicious vegetarian meals around and you don’t NEED to eat meat every day. Vegetarian options can reduce your fat intake, thus the calories. It can also increase the fibre and nutrients you get.

  4. Toss the junk. The best way to ensure you don’t eat a lot of junk food is to make sure there is none around. Go through your fridge, your cabinets, that secret drawer you have at work, and toss all the junk food. Then, don’t buy any more.

  5. Stock up on good snacks. Instead of junk food, you need snacks that are good for you. Fruit and veggies are a natural go-to, but whole-wheat crackers, nuts, and the like are also good. Have your home stocked with good snacks, take them on the road, and have them available at work.

  6. Pack your lunch. Take a healthy lunch with you to work, instead of eating at a restaurant. There is less temptation to eat poorly and you know exactly what you are eating if you make it yourself.

  7. Atkins Hack. The Atkins diet is not sustainable, so don’t try it. But one thing that Atkins did teach us was the fact that not all carbs are created equal. Replace white carbs with whole-grain carbs, and you have made a good change.

  8. Flax it up. You do need to include essential fatty acids in your diet, and ground flaxseeds are an excellent source. Not sure how to use them? Toss ground flaxseed into pancakes, cereal, porridge or anything you bake.

  9. Give up juice. Juice used to be good fruit, but then all the fibre was removed in the juicing process. What is left in your glass is mostly sugar. Skip the juice and eat a piece of fruit instead.

  10. Choose water. Water really is the best drink there is. Make it your number one drink ahead of juice, coffee, soda or tea.

  11. Say no to mayo. Mayonnaise and other dressings are filled with fat. So is butter, cream cheese and cream. Instead of relying on them, find healthier replacements. Vinaigrette, salsa, hummus, and guacamole are all better choices.

  12. Olive you. Olive oil is great on just about anything. It will help you to replace saturated fats with healthy fats. Canola oil is great too.

  13. Nuts to that. Nuts are a great source of good oils and proteins. Add some nuts to your diet for snacks, or on salads. Raw varieties are best - avoid ones that are too high in salt.

  14. Berry good. Berries are another magical food, and easy to add to any diet. Blueberries are best, but any berries are great. Eat them plain as a snack, or add them to cereal, yogurt, smoothies.

  15. Baked, not fried. This one is a bit of a no-brainer, but on a list of diet hacks, it had to make an appearance! This simple switch means you get to still enjoy many of the foods you love with less fat.