That day you’ve been anticipating for weeks now has finally arrived! Yes, you’re moving into your dream home, but first is the hassle and stress of actually moving. So here are our top tips to help your moving day go as smoothly as possible.

1.       Write a plan

A plan is a great idea as it focuses the mind on what needs to happen and when. You can use it as a checklist on the day to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

2.       Get someone you trust to stay at either property

No doubt there’ll be lots of comings and goings and trips backwards and forwards between the old and new houses, which makes you vulnerable to burglary. To mitigate against the possibility, ask someone you trust to hang around in both properties until you’ve completed the move.

3.       Put animals safely away

There’s no doubt your four-legged friends will find the move just as stressful as you and you certainly don’t want them getting under your feet when you’re moving the fridge! Try and find a safe place for your pets during the move – ideally with a family member or friend. It’s certainly one less thing for you to worry about on the day.