Do you have some well-earned time-off due to you? We’ve put together some travel ideas and some key areas to think about to help you with your travel planning this year.

Destination Advice

Now that you have some holiday time owing and you’ve decided to book yourself a holiday, you’ll need to start with a destination. And what better place to look than across the ditch to New Zealand?

In New Zealand, they have a wide diversity of landscapes across the country. Depending on your preference, you could book yourself into one of many Auckland hotels online and sample the delights of a bustling city centre and a diverse range of cultures.

Auckland is a popular destination on a world stage and, for many international visitors, the gateway to New Zealand.

Alternatively, with just a few clicks of the mouse, you could find yourself at the other end of the country in one of the more remote and adventurous Queenstown hotels ready to battle the snowy slopes or face your fears on the river rapids.

Like Auckland, Queenstown is a highly popular destination on a world stage. Unlike Queenstown, the city is known less for what it offers in the way of city life and city centre shopping and more in the way of extreme activities and entertainment.

No matter what your destination, you can save a lot of time trawling the Internet looking through hundreds of websites for various hotels by using one of the many online resources that provide hotel bookings all in one place.

Types of Holiday

Once you’ve settled on a destination, it’s a good idea to nail down exactly what sort of holiday you’re after. Setting this in stone at the beginning will help you to determine nearly every following aspect of your trip, from your travel arrangements to your entertainment itinerary and even down to what you’ll pack in your luggage!

Family Holidays

To many, a holiday getaway isn’t complete without the family. Sharing your experiences with family members can make a holiday that much more complete. Also, if you have young children, family holidays will mean a great deal to your children and will be something that they reflect on for years to come.

If you have a regular favourite holiday destination that you always travel to with your family, the chances are that when your children are old enough and starting their own families, they’ll carry on the family tradition and will continue to visit your favourite spots.

However, if you’re the sort that likes to escape from the responsibilities that come with families, it can be a good idea to figure out which are the family holiday hotspots so that you can avoid them in order to truly relax on your holiday!

Romantic Holidays

Travelling with a loved one can be highly rewarding and a great way to strengthen your relationship while creating stories to share for years to come.

Successful romantic holidays can all come down to the accommodation combined with the local attractions and can be quite different for different styles and tastes.

If your partner is the outdoors type, you might want to think about finding a secluded lodge amongst the hills or mountains that gives you instant access to the great outdoors. If your partner is more of a city person, there are endless opportunities for accommodation right in the city centre. Couple this with a tour of your partner’s favourite shopping outlets and cafes and you’ll cement your relationship for years to come.

Working Holidays

If you really can’t escape work for a decent length of time, why not take work with you? There’s nothing wrong with taking a laptop with you on your travels and checking in to complete some work while enjoying a change in surroundings.

It can be a good idea to put aside a set amount of time each day during which you’ll only focus on work-related activities. You can also take advantage of your time away from home to catch up with associates around New Zealand that you may deal with on a regular basis but rarely meet face-to-face. In a new relaxed setting, you could find that there are certain issues or potential deals that may arise out of your meeting that may not have been approached in a simple email or phone conversation.