Let’s get visible… visible… I wanna get visible!

I think we can all agree that Olivia Newton John made quite the visual impact in the ‘Let’s Get Physical’ video clip.

She understood that a jaw-dropping visual impact creates a great marketing opportunity. She created awareness of her own personal brand on a grand scale. Now I am not suggesting you should hit the streets or social media in a lycra jumpsuit, but there are some other visual ways to build great brand awareness.

I would love to introduce you to three very real visual marketing solutions that don’t include one scrap of lycra! They are the use of branded promotional materials, utilising the Bartercard network to reach a whole new audience of people, and the Visible Marketing Collective, a group of 10 amazing business owners who can help you transform your brand from zero to hero by unlocking the secrets of successful marketing.

Let’s look at each of those solutions in greater detail.


The Use Of Promotional Goods

In this busy business world, people need a constant reminder of who your business is so that they don’t forget about you. Of course, newsletter marketing through the inbox is the best way to consistently remind your people that you are there.

But, another great way to do that is to give them a useful item that has your branding on it. Then every time they pick up their pen, sip from their cup, or write in their notebook, your branding is in front of them.

I can hear you asking, but do people really use branded items?

The answer is yes! If they are useful then people will use them no matter what is printed on them. So when you are deciding on which branded items you will create, just ensure you choose something that your target audience is going to find useful.

The great thing about promotional items is that everyone can see them. It really gets your branding out into the world. Yes, it is a reminder to the person you gift it to, but they will then use the item in front of their friends, family and colleagues, gaining even more exposure for your brand.

You can also use branded material to tie things together for a cohesive representation. For example, check out the branded t-shirts that I recently had printed by Wakefield Print (trading as Promote You https://www.promoteyou.co.nz/contact/). There is one for each of the members of the Visible Marketing Collective (read more about us below). When we each wear our t-shirts, we form an even greater collective visual impact!


A Whole New Network - Bartercard

Are you looking for a new way to gain exposure for your business? Then Bartercard could be the solution you are looking for.

Bartercard works by businesses trading services through Bartercard dollars instead of actual money. It is basically like a contra deal where you get the things you need for your business in exchange for your products or services. And you get to promote your services through the Bartercard network, reaching businesses that you may not have reached before.

For example, Big Rock is now providing newsletter and social media services to Wakefield Print in exchange for Bartercard dollars. Bartercard serves as the connector for the initial business transaction, but then you are opened up to a world of additional business after that.

I can’t tell you how easy it was the arrange the great branded t-shirts for the Visible Marketing Collective through Wakefield Print. Well actually, I can tell you and I will! The process was so simple and the t-shirts were produced with a fast and efficient turnaround. It really was a no-brainer decision to use Wakefield Prin for the job.

You can find more information on Bartercard on their   https://www.bartercard.com.au/bartercard_international/about/about.html to see if it might work for your business.


The Visible Marketing Collective

Have you ever been confused about how to market your business? There are so many aspects to cover, surely one person can’t be expected to know it all.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was somewhere you could go to nail all aspects of your marketing - starting with finding out who your ideal client is, right through to branding, headshots, event organisation, SEO, Social Media, ongoing communications and everything else that comes along with marketing a business.

Well, there is. The Visible Marketing Collective is made up of 10 New Zealand businesses who are experts in the various aspects of marketing. We have come together as a group to provide as many services as a business needs to really supercharge their marketing. Whether you are a startup or an established business, there is always something you can do to drive your business forward to success.

Pick one of the services or use them all. The choice is yours!

To help you get started, the Visible Marketing Collective has put together an ebook that will help you by Unlocking the Secrets of Successful Marketing. Learn how each of the different aspects of marketing can help your business succeed by downloading the book here. [insert link for e-book download]

Or, if you are ready to jump in and nail your marketing plan for next year, why not book a free 30-minute strategy session with me now? You will walk away knowing exactly how you are going to market your business next year.

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