What do you think about when you hear the term ‘getting into shape’? Do you think about pumping iron, doing push-ups and running long distances?

You wouldn’t be alone if that were your go-to thought.

If someone had asked you about your favourite way of getting into shape, would you have thought about doing the splits? I didn’t think so!

When following an exercise programme, there are three important areas to cover off - cardio training, strength training and flexibility exercises. Without all 3 of these components, you won’t be receiving the maximum benefits for your effort.

Why You Need To Include Flexibility Exercises In Your Workout

Increased Performance

Put simply; flexibility helps your body move and function better. So, that means an increased athletic performance. This is done by increasing your mobility range and building the muscles around your joints. Regular flexibility exercises mean more movement and more power, whether you are a professional athlete or a regular Joe.

Less Chance of Injury

When your muscles are stiff, they don’t take well to physical activity. There is a high chance that they could pull, strain or even tear when you are getting active. But the increased range of movement that you get from flexibility exercises can help prevent this from happening. It allows your muscles to stretch further without the risk of injury.

Better Joint Health

Flexibility exercises increase the production of lubricating joint fluids, which means more nutrients carried to the joint’s cartilage. This keeps your joints healthy and reduceS the risk of long-term wear and tear.

Better Circulation

The increased energy from better circulation sounds pretty good, right? It will help you recover from those killer workouts that little bit easier. Flexibility exercises increase the flow of blood to your muscles, pumping in those vital nutrients for nourishment and the removing any harmful toxins.

Love It More

Let’s face it, working out is no fun if it hurts. But a flexible body is less likely to feel workout pain or experience injury. No pain means you can actually enjoy your exercise, instead of hiding under the covers for as long as possible each morning.

Flexibility is not just great for physical activity, the exercises themselves help to relax the mind and body to melt away stress. If you aren’t being brought down by stress, then you are ready to face whatever the world throws your way this week!