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Every year begins with lots of predictions about forthcoming digital media trends. For past decade or so, it has been a habit of almost all professionals to question the next level of digital media, considering the impact it can create on any field that needs the assistance of marketing. Mentioned below, are some trends we can expect to effect on marketing soon.

Mobile Marketing

As per recent studies, the complexity of consumer behavior has transformed into a very complex level. The main cause of this advancement is the introduction of sophisticated digital media mostly powered by mobile devices. Since the introduction these mobile devices they have gained a massive popularity at a rapid speed. In fact, a large majority of consumers make their purchasing decisions based on digital media contents they see on their mobile devices.

Predictions for a “Post-digital era”

Latest developments in the marketing industry, opens a wide arena for a comprehensive marketing strategy where digital activities become just a part of the whole mechanism. Other than taking digital marketing as a separate concept, this strategy seems to be productive considering the media consumption levels of the consumers. In fact, this might give us a feeling as if we are going back to the basics of marketing where we considered “the product is marketing”. However, this “going-back” seems to be an effective one as we are supposed to blend the productive characteristics of digital concepts with it.

Requirement for Chief Marketing Technologist

Specialists are now more focused to control marketing technologies from a “marketing perspective” other than letting it to be steered by IT. As per the modern advancements, selecting the best matching IT solution for marketing is becoming exceptionally difficult. Foreseeing the possible consequences, experts are willing to give prominence to “Marketing” in the concept of Martech other than “Tech” during 2016.

Integration is the solution

Considering all the facts available, the best option would be to integrate traditional marketing activities with digitally empowered strategies. If not, running a separate digital marketing division may double your costs in marketing as technically there will be two teams to achieve the same goal. Interestingly, most of the businesses haven’t realized this reality and haven’t made adequate arrangements to adapt to the concept of integration yet. It is time to think of your business’s marketing strategies and see if they are compatible with the upcoming trends.