Because you are outside so much in summer, it means an increased chance of minor injuries and irritations. Summer fun can go sour if you get attacked by bugs or the sun.

Here are the essentials you need for a summer first aid kit..

1: Pre Packaged

It can be a good idea to grab a pre-assembled kit for the basics - small packages of gauze, tape and ointments. Make sure you select one that has space for you to add extra supplies to the kit.

2: Water

Wash scrapes and skinned knees out with a handy supply of water. No need to hike for miles to find clean water when you already have it on hand.

3: Benadryl

The liquid form is perfect for all family members (read the directions first of course) and is great for bug bites, rashes, allergic reactions and seasonal allergies.

4: Epipen

The bees can be out in force during the warmer weather. Protect against severe allergic reactions with an epipen on hand.

5: Numbing Spray or Aloe Vera

These products can save the day by taking the sting out of sunburn or cuts and scrapes.

6: Nausea Medication

Summer often means road trips. Anti-nausea medication can be a godsend for those that suffer from carsickness.

7: Chapstick

The sun can really dry out your lips, having a chapstick on hand can really help all family members. You can also use it on sore noses that need to be wiped and bug bites.