The school you choose for your child could affect their long term learning, so it is important to make the right decision. When choosing the right school for your family, there are some key things that you should look out for.

They are…

1: How The Teachers Interact

How the teachers interact with the children and how the children respond is a key factor in educational success. See if you are able to observe a lesson, or at the least, ask around with the local parents to see what the student/teacher relationships are like. If the teachers take the time to engage with the students instead of just teaching ‘at’ them, then you are onto a good school

2: Words Are Key

In the early years of school, your children should be surrounded by words so that they can hone their reading skills. Look at what is up on the walls of the classroom and what books they have available to them. That means checking out the school library too!

3: Math Is Important Too

Math skills are just as important as reading skills and should be fostered from a young age too. They should be exposed to math language and concepts in varying difficulty through their school years. Check out the math programme and how you can support the learning at home.

4: Test Scores Are Not Everything

Instead of focusing on standardised test scores, focus on the skills your children are learning. Are they able to keep up with the class content, are there areas that they need extra work, is your child’s teacher supporting them in that extra learning? You also need to ensure that children who are performing well in tests are being suitably stimulated and challenged in class.

5: Down Time

Every child needs to have a period of downtime during the day, so ensure that your school provides appropriate breaks in the learning day. They also need a place to burn off their physical energy, so playground, sports facilities and open areas are all beneficial.

6: Good School Support Their Teachers

Excellent teachers tend to get results from their students. But even the best teacher in the world cannot achieve results without the support from their school. That doesn’t just mean financial support, but appropriate teaching resources need to be provided, peer support and the opportunity to upskill.

7: Reputation Is Not Everything

Prestigious schools are not necessarily better than the local school. You need to go and check out the feel of the school and if you think it is right for your family. Don’t just rely on a name or a reputation.