The word massage can conjure up different meanings to different people.

Some may see it is a relaxation treat for the body and the mind. While others may see it as an activity reserved for professional sportspeople or athletes. Then there is the injured or medically vulnerable patients.

The truth is that massage can be all of those things. It is not reserved for any one type of person. So when we get asked ‘who should get a massage?’, the answer is virtually anyone.

Here at Optihealth we can help sports people or those with physically demanding occupations, people who are desk or bed bound, and also those that have not had success with chiropractors, osteopaths, or physios.

Let’s look into how we can serve such a diverse range of clients in more detail.


What Is Massage?

Before we look at who we can help, it is important to understand what massage really is. Unfortunately, the day spas with their plinky, plunky music have somewhat confused the definition of massage for many people.

In order to be healthy and to function as it should, your body needs optimum circulation and muscle function. Massage therapy is one of the most beneficial therapies to achieve this. There are numerous benefits, doing so much more than simply making you feel good.

Massage can be used to heal or aid in the recovery of injuries all over the body. It can also help to relieve RSI, cramping and tight muscles, bowel issues, menstrual discomfort and pain management.

Aside from physical conditions, massage can also help to reduce levels of stress, and to promote a sense of wellbeing and wellness. Because massage is calming, it is a widely preferred non-drug therapy. It promotes overall good health by supporting and encouraging optimal blood flow and lymph drainage of the skeletal muscles and organs. Basically, it gives a fresh “charge” to the body and mind.


Who Should Use Massage?

Physically Active People

Minor injury is one of the most common problems that we see in people who live and work with an active lifestyle. Timely treatment of a minor injury can greatly speed up the recovery time and reduce the time needed away from work or training. Left untreated, minor injuries can develop into more serious conditions.

That is why massage should be a priority for anyone that has a physical profession or hobby. Regular massage appointments can aid muscle recovery - whether the damage is a result of an injury, or of overuse. Professional athletes, active hobbyists, or those with physical jobs can relieve tired muscles and recharge their bodies with a massage appointment.


Desk Bound People

Sitting at a desk is an unnatural position for the human body. Our bodies are designed to be moving around, not to be sitting all day. Being seated for extended periods puts a large amount of stress on certain parts of the body, especially if your posture is not correct. Aching necks, backs, shoulders and hips are all common complaints from desk bound workers. A massage can relieve the tension in your muscles, removing the pain and allowing you to work comfortably again.


No Success With Chiropractors, Osteopaths, or Physiotherapists

Often the recovery from an injury or condition will involve more than one treatment method. We find that conditions that have not been improved by other treatment options can often be improved by massage.

Depending on the circumstances, massage can complement courses of treatment involving drugs and other medical services. When used in conjunction with these other therapies, massage can greatly speed up recovery. Many conditions can be resolved quickly and effectively with massage, proving that it is often the best form of treatment.


Whether you are seeking relaxation, pain relief or injury recovery, massage is a natural therapy that has been successfully used since the dawn of time. It operates on many levels and can quickly be customised to suit your needs. It is versatile and a cost-effective treatment that is rapidly returning as a first choice of treatment.

Do you fit into one of the above categories? Even if you don’t, you may still find that you receive relief and a boost from massage. Why not see how great you feel after coming to visit us at Optihealth? Get in touch with us today to book an appointment.