Two words - Social Media.

Social Media is the sticky, catchy, viral ‘glue’ that connects us digitally to everything we want, need and dream of.

Want more customers for your business? Get social. Looking for a product, service or brand? Socialise online and you’ll find it.

Customers and businesses chat together openly in this huge online playground. Facebook lets you find your exact customer, by age, gender, location, behaviour and very specific interests (Hobbit Desolation Smaug, anyone?) while Instagram uses #hashtags to bring people and brands together through #commonground and #commoninterests.

What’s a business meant to do in this increasingly complex and ever expanding social world to get cut-through?

We recommend these five key tips to get your business humming on social in no time.

Get strong online

  1. If you’ve got a website, get active on there – post regular blogs, keep your content fresh, use great imagery. If you don’t have a website, either get one – or make sure you have some kick-ass and easily searchable social pages so that when someone googles your business name, the first results they see point directly to a page (website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter or Instagram) that has all your company details, a brief bio on what you do and of course – most essentially, your up to date contact details
  2. Create a voice and stick with it
    Social media is a conversation platform, and just like you can tell when you call your phone company and an offshore callcentre answers, your fans can tell when someone else starts posting for your brand. It’s really important to manage this – regardless of whether your social media is housed internally or externally. If you’re engaging an agency, make sure they understand your tone of voice. If you’re managing your own social media, ensure that you and anyone else who’ll be posting on your brands’ behalf, use the same tone, language and style for your posts.
  3. Be courteous
    If someone called your office and left you a message you’d call them back right? If a potential customer sent you an email you’d respond? Social media is no different. In fact, social media is less forgiving, as if you don’t respond, the whole world can see that you didn’t. Always be courteous, always reply when someone contacts you via social media.
  4. Be contactable
    We are always amazed at how many social media business pages have little to no contact details, or have out of date address, phone and emails published. Social media pages are now appearing on the first page of google, often even above a company’s own website in the early days until their site is properly indexed and optimised. Make it easy for your customers to find you – share your contact details.
  5. Don’t give up
    Social media works. In some cases, it works instantly, in other cases it may take weeks or months before you start to engage your followers in a way that resonates with them. Once this happens, you can enjoy the benefits of online enquiries, published online reviews and endorsements, user generated content and an increasing customer base to market your wares to. Stick with it, the sooner you start, the better as social media isn’t going anywhere.

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