Getting the most out of staff members and increasing productivity is, of course, a goal of every business. But have you considered the important contribution creativity has to make in this context? You see, giving your staff members opportunities to be creative, grow and develop will have a knock-on effect in terms of organisational growth and development. So let’s examine how being creative can help your business.

The importance of creativity

The essence of creativity is growth and autonomy. And so for individuals having opportunities to grow, develop and exercise some control and autonomy in the work environment are vital to nurturing creativity. And it’s a well-proven fact that companies that invest in the personal growth of their employees have much higher rates of staff retention and productivity, plus an overall growth of the business.

What’s more, creativity is an essential component of innovation. Creativity leads to the development of new products and systems. It’s creativity that contributes to winning new tenders and business. Often it’s creativity that’s behind increased market share, and it also helps companies to overcome challenges. The truth is creativity and innovation go hand in hand.

So how can you foster creativity in your business?

Well, like most things it needs to be supported from the top down. The leaders of the organisation have to lead by example and nurture and support creativity if it is to permeate throughout the ranks.

Companies should be deploying a range of strategies that encourage employees to grow and reach their creative potential. In this way, the creativity and innovation of the organisation itself will be nurtured and sustained.

What strategies can you deploy to sustain creativity?

It doesn’t have to be expensive seminars and courses or an office yoga session! The main thing is to give staff members a number of opportunities to grow and develop as well as some control and autonomy in making work-related decisions. And it also involves senior management listening to staff.

Here are some ideas that you can use to encourage creativity in your organisation:

  • Staff suggestion schemes – give a monetary reward to the employee with the most innovative suggestion as chosen by their peers.
  • Use company blogs for staff to share insights, discuss ideas and brainstorm work issues. Make sure you feedback on the outcomes of those discussions.
  • Get outside – there’s plenty of research that shows fresh air helps you to clear your mind and think better. And so rather than having a meeting in the stuffy office, why not hold team meetings outside if the weather is nice?
  • Develop mentoring and work shadowing opportunities alongside more formal learning and development opportunities.
  • Encourage staff to be physically active. Exercise and physical activity have also been shown to have a positive impact on getting the creative juices flowing. And so whether it’s offering subsidised gym membership or simply facilitating a lunchtime walking or running group, helping staff to get active is important.
  • Delegating work tasks and empowering staff to make more decisions is another option to increase creativity and innovation in the workplace.

Whatever strategies you end up deploying, make sure that you’re doing all you can to encourage your employees’ creative abilities and watch your business grow as a result.