The world’s population grows bigger by the day, so the amount of waste that we create also grows. Each of us has a responsibility to reduce our waste and protect our environment.

Here are some ideas on how to do that…

1: Better Shopping

Take your own reusable bags when you hit the supermarket or the shops. If you forget them, then select paper bags as a first option. Also try to pack as many items into one bag as possible, to reduce the amount you need.

2: Buy Bulk

Buying in bulk will reduce the amount of overall packaging you throw away. Even better, visit bulk food markets where you can bring your own reusable containers to put the food into.

3: Go Electronic

Cancel your paper statements and bills. Instead, ask for them to be emailed to you.

4: Better Packaging

Buy products that use recyclable packaging materials like paper or cardboard. Try to avoid plastics and styrofoam.

5: Avoid Disposables

Try not to use plastics plates and cutlery for ease. Instead, select unbreakable reusable options.

6: Reuse

Reuse as many items as you can. Wrapping paper can be used more than once, as can takeaway food containers. You can also repurpose furniture items to get more life out of them.