You wouldn’t try to complete your own open heart surgery.

I don’t even have to ask you why. The answer is simple. You don’t have the knowledge, expertise or skill to do it.

Just like you wouldn’t try to replace the engine in your car or defuse a bomb unless you had the skills to do it.

So why then do we think we can arrange equally complex things ourselves when it comes to insurance? Insurance is a complex field with lots of different things to consider. Not all covers are created equal, neither are the companies that provide them.

You have asked why you should use an insurance broker?

Put simply, they give independent expert advice on new and existing covers, have access to the best products and insurers in the country, and they have in depth knowledge to know which options will suit you best. On top of all of that, they listen and want to achieve the best for you!

Let’s look into these points in a little more detail.


Independent Expert Advice

You could ask your family for insurance advice, or your friends, or your neighbour, or anyone else that you know. They would give you their honest opinion.

But that opinion will be coloured by their own experience.

The trouble with that is, their situation might be completely different to yours. You could have a different family situation, different occupations, different assets, or differing income streams and levels. Their advice might inadvertently turn you away from the best cover for your individual situation.

Using an Insurance Broker will ensure that you get impartial advice. It will not be coloured by a personal bad situation or a falsely great recommendation. They can help you gain a brand new policy, or review an existing one.

Insurance brokers operate independently of any one company. And the team here at Insurance Link will always go to great lengths to understand your own situation. That way they can recommend the appropriate policies for your family, and the right amount of cover that fits within your budget.  


Access To All Major Insurers

Do you know how long it would take you to ring all of the insurance providers in New Zealand and ask them for a quote?

A pretty long time. Considering there are more than 15 of them around. And that is just the major insurers, that doesn’t even include other smaller options.

Each insurance provider has a different kind of cover they offer. Some are specialists in health, some in life, some in home insurance, and then some even specialise in things like business or rural insurances.

Instead of taking hours on the phone or on the computer trying to seek out the company that will offer you what you need, let an Insurance Broker do it for you. At Insurance Link, our advisers have great relationships with the providers and intuitive software that can return results suited to your individual needs within minutes.

This doesn’t just apply to new cover. You also have the same options when it comes time to renew your current insurance policies. You should look at them once a year to make sure you still have the right amount of cover and your situation hasn’t changed.


Industry Knowledge

There is a reason that we ask a lot of questions when we first meet or when we review your cover. It is because we want to provide you with the cover that best suits your needs.

We don’t want to sell you something that you don’t require, or recommend something that won’t help you should the unexpected happen. If we know the exact position of you, your family, your career, your health and your income, then we can tick all the boxes of making sure you are covered in the areas you need.

Insurance Link advisers have an extensive knowledge base for all of the products available on the market. That expert knowledge can marry the perfect cover with your individual needs. That way, if something unexpected does pop up, you have the right insurance cover to fall back on.

So if it has been a while since you looked at your insurance cover, your situation has changed, or you need some new cover, then get in touch with us here at Insurance Link. It is our mission to see that you are protected in all the right places!