Paying your energy bill can be a costly task at any time of year.

But, you might not have to pay such a large sum for your energy costs. By using the expert analysts at Saveawatt, you could save significantly. And, the end of the year can actually be the best time to secure good rates.

Let’s have a look at what is currently happening in the market, why the end of the year is the perfect time to secure your energy rates, and how Saveawatt can help you reduce high energy accounts and improve your cashflow in a risk-free way.


What Is Happening In the Market

Recently there has been a lot of buzz in the media about energy costs. From the average consumer to the biggest business, the cost increases are being felt and hitting hard.

Energy costs have risen by 80% in the last 10 years. That is a significant increase that will impact every home and business in the country. Spot pricing is on the rise and so are the other components of your energy charges.

The rising energy rates are on everyone’s mind, including the government, who have called for a review of energy costs. With advances in technology, people are using more power. This will increase even more if the networks have to be upgraded to service the rising popularity of the electric car.

It is important to take the opportunity for any savings, especially when it is starting to impact on your bottom line.


Why The End Of Year Is Perfect To Secure Your Rates

As we are on the eve of the silly season, you may not think that now is the time to investigate your energy costs.

But now is the perfect time!

Often, energy use increases in the lead up to Christmas. So, your bills will increase along with your usage. If you act now, you could counteract that increase with savings.

Shortly, energy providers will close their bidding process for the year. They will not reopen this process until mid to late January. By this time, summer will be in full swing. There will be less energy being generated by wind and hydro methods, therefore the demand for energy will be higher.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that higher demand will equal higher rates. So waiting for the new year can put you right in the thick of the highest energy prices of the year. Especially as it will be nearing the close of the financial year and energy companies will be less proactive in placing bids. They tend to wait for the new financial year instead.

What all of that means is that you might miss out on large savings between now and April! That is a long time to wait and a lot of money you could be wasting. By starting the process now, you won’t feel pressured to take any offer that is on the table as you are running out of time. It is better to start sooner rather than later so that we can monitor the market for you and move at the best time time.


How Saveawatt Can Help You Do It

If you took your energy account to any of the 44 providers in New Zealand, you probably wouldn’t get much of a response from them. Even if your energy spend is substantial. However, if you let Saveawatt’s energy specialists complete a tender process for you, then the savings could be significant.

How can we secure better rates for you?

Our unique process allows the New Zealand energy providers that can service your area and handle your usage to bid for your account. This can generate a range of offers depending on the interested parties.

Price should not be the only determining factor, though of course it features heavily in a decision of this sort. But it should also be the nitty gritty of the offer put forward. We ensure that your deal would have no hidden costs and would not allow the provider to increase your rates without notice (as they have been known to do).

The great news is that there is no risk in working with Saveawatt. We only get paid if we can find savings for you. AND, we offer a money back guarantee for 365 days after your agreement is locked in, based on the energy usage profile that you submitted to us.

So really, there is nothing to lose!

We recently secured energy cost savings of $21,970 for a Chocolate Factory which was 14% of their annual spend. If you would like to explore these kinds of savings for your business then get in touch with the team here at Saveawatt today.