Lots of people have a bucket list of all the things they want to achieve before they leave this mortal earth. But have you thought about being healthy enough to actually achieve them?

Having some fitness goals on your bucket list can keep you fit and healthy and compensate for all the beer you want to drink at Oktoberfest, the cheese you want to taste in France, or the wine you want to sip in Napa Valley!

Try these…

Goal 1: Run 10km

10km will  require some training, but with some determination is is not unrealistic to achieve.

Goal 2: Do 50 Push Ups

Push ups are hard work so completing 50 of them will be satisfying.

Goal 3: Master 5 Yoga Poses

Fitness is not all about sweat and grunt. The art of yoga will keep you just as fit and those poses can be tricky!

Goal 4: Do 10 Pull Ups

There is a reason the pull ups are part of military training… they are hardcore!

Goal 5: Learn To Swim

Swimming is an intense workout and it’s fun too.

If you want to push further, then these goals can just be a starting point. Push on to run half marathons, or a full marathon. Become a yoga master or a pull up machine. The choice is yours!