About Us

The story behind the brilliance.


Big Rock Digital began in New Zealand early 2015, initially engaging with customers through database marketing, eNewsletters, Sales campaigns and eMagazines.

After an extensive background in Marketing, Advertising, Customer Service and Business Development  the founders of Big Rock Australia were naturally drawn to Digital Marketing, Social Media and email Marketing solutions. 

So in early 2017, Big Rock Digital Australia was created to meet market demands and assist the more than 1,400,000 Australian small business owners stay in regular contact with their customers, increase customer loyalty and as a result, help them grow their business.

As a full-service Social Media Marketing Agency, Big Rock Digital continues to expand the easy to manage, results driven services they deliver to include:


Digital Strategy


Social Media Marketing


Video Production


email Marketing and Customer Retention


Lead Generation


Website Design & Rebuilds


Digital Advertising


Branding & Design

Importantly, our email marketing services are branded with the customers logo and are sent in the business owners name and from their email address so their customers know the messages are coming from a business they know.

Our solutions are attractive to all types of business industries – from Commercial Cleaners to Photographers, to Dentists, to Real Estate Agents to Accountants, Mechanics and everything in between. 

Big Rock Digital provides all clients with access to an online video library and content delivery platform that is easily expandable, so within the next few years we expect to have a growing presence in all Capital Cities and Regional areas of Australia.

Our solutions truly resonate with a wide range of business owners who suffer from being Time, Resource and Knowledge challenged in digital marketing and customer engagement.

Why our Customers choose our Solutions


Our Solutions are Easy to Manage by anyone in your Business


We only use Locally Based Industry Experts, Designers, Editors and Content Writers

Cost Effective

Our solutions are very Cost Effective (less than a 1/10th of the cost of employing one marketing person)

Results Driven

Our Solutions are Results Driven (Clients regularly secure More Sales, More Often!)


We can do ALL the work so Business Owners don’t have to!

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